KI’s Dick Resch Honored with Wisconsin Wellness Leadership Award

Dick Resch, KI’s Executive Chairman of the Board, is the recipient of the prestigious Ignite Award from the Wellness Council of Wisconsin. Resch was recognized for his leadership in building a strong wellness culture at the Green Bay-based contract furniture manufacturer.

Resch, who served as KI’s chief executive officer for 36 years, is an ardent believer in a healthy workplace. Under his leadership, KI created a culture promoting a healthy lifestyle through company-wide initiatives and programs. Key elements include the following:

  • An onsite fitness center available to employees and their families.
  • Flexible schedules allowing employees to incorporate exercise into their work day.
  • Fitness classes and educational programs promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Annual health risk assessments to help keep employees healthy while controlling healthcare expenses.
  • Healthy food choices in the corporate café and vending machines.
  • An employee garden.
  • An onsite nurse and physical therapist.

“I’m honored to receive this recognition. It highlights the crucial role of wellness in building a successful workplace,” Resch said. “People who are happy and healthy are more engaged at work, making health and wellness programs a crucial piece of the overall business plan.”

The Ignite Award celebrates a committed leader who has a clear passion for driving wellness at their organization and demonstrates ongoing commitment to a culture of wellness. It highlights leaders who are role models and inspire others to join the wellness movement. The award is presented by the non-profit Wellness Council of Wisconsin, an organization dedicated to helping employers design results-oriented wellness programs to maximize the health and productivity of their most valuable asset — employees.

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