Kirei Launches EchoTile Sync, a Modular Acoustic Tile System

As part of the new Space Makers Collection, EchoTile Sync absorbs and inspires

Kirei, a provider of innovative eco-friendly design materials for any interior, announces the launch of EchoTile Sync, a timeless modular acoustic tile system to bring any space into sync.

Developed in collaboration with renowned designer Michael DiTullo, the modular system of EchoTile Sync creates a nearly infinite number of options to design the perfect look for any space. Users can build out a feature wall and bring unity across rooms with these dynamic acoustic tiles that both absorb and inspire.

“A room is a place to live, to play, to not just work but to create,” says John Stein, President of Kirei. “EchoTile Sync adds a classic wall tile to the mix to make any room a space to be remembered. Its modularity allows for designers to create anything from quiet corners to whimsical walls. We wanted EchoTile Sync to pair with EchoTile Racetrack so designers can have truly unlimited potential with their designs.”

The seven tile sizes (11.5”x11.5”, 11.5”x23”, 11.5”x46”, 23”x23”, 23”x46”, 46”x46”, and 46”x96”) are completely modular with 33 rich and versatile colorways. Each EchoTile Sync tile adds an architectural detail with its beveled edges which are forgiving on uneven walls. EchoTile Sync scales to fit any space with its simple spec and installs easily with construction adhesive. The different shapes and sizes allow designers to choose between creating wild patterns or calming designs while improving occupant well-being through EchoTile Sync’s health certifications and acoustic properties.

EchoTile Sync is made from EchoPanel®, a registered trademark of Woven Image®. It is a low VOC, Red List Free material with published ingredient transparency through Declare and third-party certification by Global GreenTag. Made from over 60% recycled PET, each panel diverts 235 single-use plastic bottles from global landfills and waterways. Kirei is proud to partner with Woven Image on their shared sustainability mission.

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EchoTile Sync in Frost, Yellow, Rouge, and Blush
EchoTile Sync in Yellow, Rouge, Viridian Green, Navy, Gray, and Blush

About Kirei

Kirei designs and manufactures iconic architectural design elements that improve the acoustics and functionality of any room. Since 2002, the company has worked with interior designers, architects, contractors, and end-users across North America to help them create elegant, healthy spaces to live, work and play. Their products are easy to understand, specify and install, and are made from recycled materials. Kirei’s mission to “Inspire a Beautiful World” is seen through its commitment to sustainable materials and innovative design.