Kirei Announces Addition to EchoPanel Series | EchoFold Creates Visual Motion and Acoustic Control

Kirei, a provider of innovative eco-friendly design materials for commercial interiors, is pleased to debut EchoFold, the newest addition to the company’s EchoPanel series—a collection of decorative, functional, and acoustic products that include panels, systems, tiles, and partitions.

EchoFold, a new wallcovering and ceiling system series, easily bridges the gap between clean design and sound absorption. Helping to deflect and absorb sound by its shape, EchoFold is now available in three different sizes—Maxi, Mini, and Mico—in 27 lively colorways. These panels simply adhere to any flat-surface using standard construction adhesive, offering visual motion while curbing sound. With such an easy installation process, EchoFold is well-suited for any type of environment—workplace, retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, entertainment centers, and others. Customization is also available.

Also offered as a ceiling system, EchoFold ACT adds acoustic control and high-end design to standard drop ceilings. It comes in two sizes—Mini and Micro—in both 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ tiles and is also available in Kirei’s 27 colors options.

EchoFold is Kirei’s new addition to it’s EchoPanel series of responsibly sourced acoustic materials made from recycled raw materials. In fact,over 107 million plastic bottles have been reclaimed and turned into EchoPanels. EchoPanel has DECLARE certification, is Red List chemical free and helps spaces qualify for LEED credits and other green building or sustainability certifications.

For more information on EchoFold, please visit KireiUSA.

About Kirei

Since 2002, Kirei has provided innovative design materials that are visually interesting, functional, and environmentally friendly. Their latest design element, EchoPanel is a series of decorative and functional designer acoustic products made by Woven Image and distributed exclusively in North America by Kirei. The visually-dynamic and versatile EchoPanel collection of panels, systems, tiles, and partitions are available in standard or custom options to address various acoustic needs in commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education environments. EchoPanel is responsibly sourced and made from recycled materials to qualify for LEED credits and other green building or sustainability certifications. To date, over 107 million plastic bottles have been saved from the landfills and turned into EchoPanel products.