Kimball International’s PoppinPods Offer Flexibility for Individual Privacy or Multiperson Meetings

Kimball International offers PoppinPods for workplace, healthcare, and education environments. Poppin, a brand of Kimball International, is known for their PoppinPods which create flexible spaces for any situation. With built-in power, comfortable ventilation, mobility, and personalized lighting at the touch of a button, PoppinPods provide a turnkey solution for any space and user need. Featuring their Anti-Eavesdrop Design, PoppinPods reduce speech intelligibility and dampen sound, meaning stepping inside a PoppinPod can prevent confidential conversations from being overheard. From single person, sit down or stand-up pods, to larger pods that accommodate up to six guests and ADA compliant models, PoppinPods offer a variety of solutions.

Through Kimball International’s extensive research and experience in acoustics, they are excited to launch PoppinPod Kolo and PoppinPod Om to easily create spaces where employees and guests can feel comfortable and confident to ultimately do their best work.

PoppinPod Kolo

As the latest and greatest innovation in office phone booths, the PoppinPod Kolo offers a flexible solution that can fit up to six people. It’s designed to offer a quiet space within open environments for focused work, one-on-one meetings, and gatherings with up to six people. Available in a variety of sizes and an ADA compliant model.

PoppinPod Om

The Om Sit and Om Stand solutions easily accommodate individuals who want peace and quiet in working, learning, and healing environments. Ideal for a quick phone call, lengthy video chat, or anything in between.

Whether specifying products for a new project or integrating PoppinPod solutions into an existing floorplan, Kimball International has created a PoppinPod Placement and Utilization Guide to share the benefits of pods and how to make the most of your investment. This guide includes research and real-life experience that can be used across all market segments and throughout a variety of floorplans. Visit to learn more about PoppinPods.

About Kimball International

Kimball International is a leading omnichannel commercial furnishings company with deep expertise in the Workplace, Health, and Hospitality markets. We combine our bold entrepreneurial spirit, a history of craftsmanship, and today’s design driven thinking alongside a commitment to our culture of caring and lasting connections with our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities. For over 70 years, our brands have seized opportunities to customize solutions into personalized experiences, turning ordinary spaces into meaningful places. Our family of brands includes Kimball, National, Etc., Interwoven, Kimball Hospitality, D’style,  and Poppin. Kimball International is based in Jasper, Indiana.