Kimball International’s Kolo Pods Accredited as a Certified Autism Resource

Kimball International is proud to announce that their Kolo Pods have been recognized by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) as a Certified Autism Resource (CAR). IBCCES, a global leader in professional autism and neurodiversity training and certification, with a focus on cognitive disorders, evaluated Kolo Pods and found that they can be utilized for improved communications and outcomes for those with autism or other sensory sensitivities. This recognition signifies Kimball International’s ongoing commitment to offering solutions that create inclusive spaces.

As a part of the CAR application process, a board of experts conducted a review to determine how Kolo Pods are aligned with one or more of their six areas of competency and, ultimately, how it meets the needs of individuals with autism. IBCCES proudly promotes CAR partners to their network of therapists, educators, and parents to ensure they have access to products and services that can improve the lives of individuals on the spectrum.

“Knowing that our Kolo Pods are CAR certified is gratifying,” said Angie Schuch, Vice President of Product Marketing at Kimball International. “We believe it’s vital to introduce solutions that can truly make a difference and support individuals in the places they work, learn, and heal. This distinction solidifies that our product portfolio includes solutions that empower individuals and support users in ways that go beyond floorplan layouts and configurations.”

Designed to offer a quiet space within open environments, the Kolo Pod is an ideal solution for learning, working, and healing spaces. Our Anti-Eavesdrop design reduces speech intelligibility and dampens sound, offering solace in overstimulated atmospheres. Not only does the pod keep noise out, it keeps sounds in providing a safe space for individuals to express themselves. Featuring built-in rollers, it’s easy to move from one location to another creating flexibility in any environment. Available in sizes to accommodate up to eight people, and an ADA-compliant model, Kolo Pods provide privacy and comfort in stressful situations.

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