Kimball International Launches Updated and Expanded SpecStudio Visualizer Tool

Screenshot from SpecStudio Visualizer Demo Video

Kimball International is excited to launch their expanded SpecStudio Visualizer tool, the first in the industry to have modular configuration capabilities. Now whether designing a single chair, or a configured modular lounge application, SpecStudio Visualizer allows users to explore seating, lounge, and table solutions to find the right product for their specific needs and bring their design to life. Its customization capabilities allow users to personalize their furniture according to their preferences, project requirements, and budget.

Spec Studio provides an interactive platform where users can create product compilations by selecting a variety of models (one seat, two seat, ottoman, etc.) and options (arm configuration, leg style, etc.), depending on the breadth of line of the series they’ve selected. They can then position them in configurations that fit their space and utilize the materials library to select the fabrics and finishes to complete the design.

The tool also showcases the features and options that are available so that the user gets a true sense of what the product series offers and how it can work for their project. In real-time, the user can choose from a wide spectrum of surface materials, upholsteries, and textiles and this preview of configured furniture helps them make informed decisions and visualize their final design. This flexibility creates increased engagement and user interaction as users actively participate in designing their furniture.

This intuitive tool includes the ability to rotate the image to see the configuration from a variety of angles, including top down. It also has a measuring tool, allowing the user to see the overall size of unit. Users can share or download the configuration they’ve created, making design planning easier and more efficient.

“We are thrilled to announce the latest evolution of our Spec Studio Visualizer,” said Jill Frazier, Director of Design Solutions and Digital Tools, Kimball International. “With the newly added modular configuration feature, users can now craft personalized designs by seamlessly combining a variety of lounge modules into one whitespace. As we continue to elevate the design experience, this innovation underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. We’re genuinely excited about the endless possibilities this brings to our community of users.”

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