Kimball International Announces Third Season of the Alternative Design Podcast and New Blog

Kimball International is excited to announce that the third season of its Alternative Design podcast is now available. In addition to the podcast, they have also created a new blog that accompanies the topics covered throughout the podcast.

Continuing with their mission of sharing ideas outside of the furniture and design industry to influence the built environment, this season has a newfound focus on foresight. The Alternative Design podcast and blog are dedicated to empowering designers. Throughout the season, listeners will be inspired to be makers of a better future by improving the human experience through the spaces they design.

“I’m very excited about the evolution of our Alternative Design platform,” said Kaelynn Reid, Design Futurist and Podcast Host, Kimball International. “This season, we are leveraging foresight to inspire hope for the future of design. Both platforms allow Kimball International to continue conversations with our A&D community partners about how we can shape the places where we work, heal, and learn.”

New episodes of the podcast and blog entries will be released every two weeks. By venturing into unconventional topics, outside of the furniture industry, Alternative Design uncovers emerging signals that will frame tomorrow’s landscapes, from workplaces to education and beyond.

The podcast season kicks off with “Designing Tomorrow: A 2026 Forecast”, which explores the importance of foresight in design. During the episode, guest Mark Bryan, Senior Foresight Consultant at the Future Today Institute, unveils his scenario of the future, set in 2026. He envisions a world where decentralized organizations, gratitude silos, and AI clients contribute to the design profession. He also helps to discover how foresight is the key to designing spaces that not only stand the test of time, but responsibly shape a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Alternative Design podcast episodes can be accessed through podcast apps, including Spotify, Apple iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

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