Kimball International Announces Fourth Season of the Alternative Design Podcast

Kimball International is thrilled to announce that the fourth season of their Alternative Design podcast is now available. This season will explore the future of education and its intersection with design and architecture. Listeners can expect engaging interviews with industry experts at the forefront of educational innovation.

“We are diving into the future of education in this season of the Alternative Design podcast,” said Kaelynn Reid, Host of Alternative Design and Design Futurist at Kimball International. “Our conversations with innovators, educators, and thought leaders will shed light on how education is evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workforce and society. We explore the crucial role that architects and designers play in shaping the learning environments of the future.”

From reimagining traditional classroom spaces to embracing emerging technologies, season four offers valuable insights for educators, designers, and anyone passionate about the future of learning. The podcast explores a future where learning isn’t confined to the traditional four-year college stint. Instead, how students may seamlessly transition in and out of college throughout their lives, engaging in lifelong learning tailored to their evolving needs and interests. Listeners will embark on a journey where education transcends traditional boundaries.

“We believe that design is an important and powerful tool for creating spaces that inspire learning and collaboration,” said Jessica Gubbins, Vice President of Brand, Digital, and Insights Marketing at Kimball International. “Through the Alternative Design podcast, we aim to spark conversations and generate action toward designing a brighter future for education.”

Alternative Design podcast episodes can be accessed through podcast apps, including Spotify, Apple iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

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