KI Product Offerings at HCD Expo

The Ruckus task chair and the Universal Height-Adjustable Screen are among the new products that KI will have on display at this year’s Healthcare Design Expo (Nov. 11-14 in Orlando).

KI’s showroom will also feature a flexible lounge collection called MyPlace and Pillar tables that empower healthcare facilities to shift between lobbies, meeting rooms, and countless other configurations.

The adjustable screen won a Best of NeoCon Gold award this summer in the Space Dividers/Partitions/Screens category.




Universal Height-Adjustable Screen


Your preferred workstyle may change, depending upon the project, what’s going on around you or even your mood. Whether you want privacy to focus on a task or the ability to interact with your coworkers, you can control your workspace with the Universal Height-Adjustable Screen from KI.

Raise or lower the screen to the desired level of privacy with a simple pull or push. At its full height, the screen provides complete visual privacy. When fully depressed, the screen virtually disappears to create an inviting, collaborative space. The screens adjust seamlessly and quietly.

Screens are available in PET recycled felt material and in an array of colors. The felt material acts as both a sound dampening and tackable surface.

Ruckus Task Chair


The Ruckus task chair fosters engagement between healthcare patients and providers. Its innovative design promotes simple and essential movement, adapting to a variety of users and uses. Providers can easily transition between interactions with patients and technology resources.

Ruckus is lightweight, non-directional and perch-able for easy space adaptations. Integrated back and arms also function as a work ledge for impromptu collaboration, patient procedures and accommodates leaning or perching. The simple-function chair allows seat height adjustment from 16-1/2” to 21-1/4” and is available in all poly or with an upholstered seat.