Ketra Introduces Linear Luminaires, Expanding its Office Lighting Portfolio

New Light Fixtures Offer Attractive Solutions for Commercial and Hospitality Spaces   

Ketra, the leading LED manufacturer with the highest quality, most accurate natural light and integrated system of lighting and controls, announces a new line of linear luminaires, available this month.  

Ketra’s office lighting portfolio now includes the L3I Indirect Linear Pendant, L4R Recessed Linear, and the P4 Direct Linear Pendant. Every Ketra lighting product includes RGBW tunable‐spectrum light, 0.1% dimming capability, lifetime color‐point maintenance and wireless control. Ketra’s products work cohesively to deliver a dynamic solution for natural light in the built environment.  

“We created the linear products to meet the growing demand for stylish fixtures that produce high‐quality lighting,” said Nav Sooch, CEO of Ketra. “These products build on our portfolio of track lighting and downlights to offer greater design opportunities, while also supporting our overall mission to deliver natural light that makes people and places look and feel their best.”  

Product information:  

L3I Indirect Linear Pendant

L3I Indirect Linear Pendant: This indirect pendant offers clean up‐lighting for commercial and hospitality applications, and it comes in several housing colors and customizable fixture lengths, guaranteeing versatility. Changeable optics ensure fine control over light output and spread width.  

L4R Recessed Linear

L4R Recessed Linear: This four-inch recessed linear provides continuous lines of light for an architect or designer to highlight, contrast, or complement a space’s features. Designed for ease of integration, the recessed linear installs neatly into ceilings or walls, with customizable trim styles and a variety of mounting options. It is compatible with multiple ceiling types, including t-bar and hard ceilings.  

P4 Direct Linear Pendant

P4 Direct Linear Pendant: This direct pendant is an elegant, stand‐alone pendant with a variety of finish styles. It’s a perfect accent for task surfaces and common areas. The direct pendant offers soft direct view lensing or glare control louvres to ensure optimal visual comfort.  

With a complete system comprised of lighting fixtures, controls, and software, Ketra delivers a natural light solution that heightens the aesthetic of any space while simplifying the construction and installation processes.  

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About Ketra  

Ketra creates the highest quality, most accurate natural light in the world, and delivers the only advanced system of universally–‐compatible controls at an accessible price point. Ketra’s proprietary technologies allow for unrivaled control and precision over the lifetime of its products, and make true natural light available on a global scale. With a cohesive system of lighting, controls, software and patented driver chip technology from a single manufacturer, Ketra’s natural light is at the forefront of the health and wellness revolution for the built environment. Visit us at for more information.