Keilhauer Welcomes Company’s First VP of IT & Facilities

Tariq Jamal is the first to hold this position at Keilhauer, focusing on Enterprise Technology, Digital Shared Services, and other related duties

Tariq Jamal

Keilhauer is proud to announce the appointment of the company’s first Vice President of IT & Facilities, Tariq Jamal.

As Keilhauer’s VP of IT & Facilities, Jamal’s role and mandate will include a strong focus on Enterprise Technology, Digital Shared Services, and overall Facility Excellence. As a part of Keilhauer’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Jamal will work in close partnership with the SLT, the Operational Leadership Team (OLT) and other key members to advance the company’s technical solution discipline and ensure integration across all departments and facilities, with the intention of positively impacting the business. Jamal will also work closely with Keilhauer President Meghan Sherwin on strategic IT projects.

“We are delighted to welcome Tariq Jamal to Keilhauer,” says Meghan Sherwin, President. “His vast knowledge and experience with IT integration and innovation and his history of software development makes him the ideal leader when it comes to digital optimization, analytics and digital transformation. The addition of this role to our SLT will undoubtedly have a positive influence on the company’s overall efficiency and customer impact and help Keilhauer meet the evolving needs of the A&D industry.”

Jamal joins the Keilhauer team from Umbra, one of Canada’s preeminent design brands, where he was the Chief Information Officer and VP of Digital. At UMBRA, he led the vision, strategy, direction, development and execution of the company’s global IT infrastructure and applications.

“Tariq Jamal’s leadership arrives at a time when Keilhauer is poised for innovative growth,” adds Sherwin. “His strategic vision for technology and facilities is expected to propel our company forward, ensuring that our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in our products but in our everyday operations and workplace environment.”


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