Keilhauer Releases 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report

The company’s latest report features stories about community, carbon neutrality and other sustainability advancements

As part of its annual recognition of Earth Day, Keilhauer has published their latest Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR). In an effort to increase transparency with customers and their community, the 2023 report shares information regarding Keilhauer’s facilities, corporate culture and the stories behind some of the company’s latest sustainability milestones.

“At Keilhauer, we are committed to being as transparent as possible with our customers when it comes to our sustainability practices,” says Mike Keilhauer, President. “We sincerely looking forward to publishing our CSR each year – it gives us a chance to inform our industry about what we have achieved, while also inspiring our communities to join us in creating a more sustainable future.”

A highlight of the 2023 CSR is the announcement that Keilhauer’s subsidiary brand, Division Twelve, became officially certified as a carbon neutral product line. To achieve this carbon neutral status, Division Twelve reduced carbon emissions at every stage of the process – from the designs to the materials used in production, distribution and end-of-life. Any remaining carbon is offset through investing in projects such as the Francis Biedler Improved Forest Management Project.

Also featured within the 2023 report is the company’s launch of Velvety, an ultra-soft, durable textile that is made from partially recycled content and the highest quality of certified materials. All textile waste produced from manufacturing Velvety is converted into new yarn that is reused for the backing of other textiles, making it a true zero-waste product.

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