Kay Chesterfield Inc Hires Kelly Toole: Re-Upholstery Grows as Sustainability Tool

Kay Chesterfield Inc, an Oakland, CA-based re-upholstery leader since 1921, announces the hiring of Kelly Toole as Lead Sales Representative. Kelly’s position represents Kay Chesterfield’s continued commitment to promoting furniture reuse and to offering exceptional craftsmanship. Kelly will help companies as they focus on sustainability policies, which increasingly factor re-upholstery into plans for refurbs, re-stacks, and new spaces. Kelly brings 15 years of experience with the furniture industry in both design and sales. She is a LEED accredited professional and knowledgeable on WELL Building certification. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Eastern Michigan University. Kelly says, “I have a passion for the built environment and see our industry as stewards for sustainable choices. I will partner with our clients to keep waste out of landfills while they execute world-class interior designs.”