Kasthall Launches at Salone del Mobil, Milano: New Designs Influenced by International Architecture


The influence from London, a city with dramatic buildings, rain shimmering pavements and grand hotel lobbies can be seen in three new hand tufted rugs from Kasthall. The designer Maja Johansson at Kasthall design studio has created the new Core, Pebble and Pearl that will be launched at Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milano. Kasthall’s deeply rooted craftsmanship in Swedish traditions has been preserved and together with the designers input created a new DNA that will lead the product development forward. These results can be seen in Maja Johanssons design with a strong futuristic design idiom – a game for the eye with its three-dimensional textures and unexpected pattern.

“I want to highlight our beautiful base materials such as worsted wool and a small segment of the finest linen that give a patina effect within the pattern. They are a reflection of the materials found in the beautiful rooms our rugs often end up in.  Stone, leather, velvet, glass, plastered walls and rough surfaces. A raw elegance that will light up the room,” says Maja Johansson, designer.

Maja Johansson is an innovative textile designer specializing in woven textiles, fibre and colours. She challenges traditional weaving techniques by developing new structures and investigates the effect of mixing various materials. After graduating from her MA in textile design at the Royal College of Art in London 2012 she started to work for Kasthall.

For over 125 years the craftsmanship has continuously developed its techniques. The new design team has collaborated with some of the best designers and architects in the world to continuously experiment and renew old traditions all to develop the production and push it forward. With open eyes to the world’s influences Kasthall’s craftsmanship and exclusive natural materials face new ideas and challenges everyday. Unchanged is the sense of quality, it will never be out of fashion.

Kasthall have hand tufted their rugs in their studio in Kinna since 1972. Like painting a canvas with yarn – skilled craftsmen use an air pressured gun to push the yarn onto the rug. Hand tufting gives endless variations in terms of patterns and shapes – if they can be painted by hand they can be hand tufted. Every hand-tufted rug is checked, completed by hand and as final step, personally signed by the craftsman.

Kasthall- PebblePebble

Pebble is a hand tufted rug in finest worsted wool and linen, Kasthall designer Maja Johansson drew inspiration from materials such as as stone, glass and velvet. The linen gives the pattern a patina and 3D effect, which makes it, feel both exclusive and rich in character.  With its subdued elegance, Pebble, which comes in four colour variations, fits every room of choice.

Material: 99% wool, 1% linen.
Design: Maja Johansson
Rec/price from: 3 365 €
Sizes: 170×240 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, and other sizes upon request.
Colour: Light Grey Patina 504, Seal Grey Patina 505, Marble Grey Patina 501, Emerald Green Patina 301.

Kasthall- CoreCore

Core is a hand-tufted rug in finest worsted wool and linen. The worsted wool gives it a velvet surface and the linen bestows a sense of patina.  For the Core Kasthall’s designer Maja Johansson developed a mesh pattern that gives an impression rather then a clear pattern. Core is a poetic rug with a gentle and elegant expression that comes in three colours.

Material: 55% wool, 45% linen.
Design: Maja Johansson
Rec/price from: 3 365 €
Sizes: 170×240 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, and other sizes upon request
Colours: Taupe Patina 803, Mocca Brown Patina 804, and Peacock Patina 201.

Kasthall- PearlPearl

Pearl is an exclusive rug for anyone who is looking for that little extra. Its hand tufted in exclusive worsted wool, which giving it a velvety feeling. The pattern in the rug that is available in three colours is playful and reminiscent of decorative beads, bits of glass and prisms.

Material: 100% wool
Design: Maja Johansson
Rec/price from: 3 265 €
Sizes: 170×240 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm., and other sizes upon request.
Colours: Icy Grey 506, Beige 800, Light Grey 504, Oyster 802, Silver Grey 502, Taupe 803, Marble Grey 501, Seal Grey 505, Heritage Green 300, Emerald Green 301, Jade 320, Sapphire Blue 200, Shimmering Papaya 140, Peony 610, Ruby Red 100, Purple Plum 620, Midnight Black 500, Pearl Icy Grey 506, Pearl Midnight Black 500, Pearl Shimmering Papaya 140.

Kasthall designs and manufactures exclusive carpets for private and public interiors. Since being founded in 1889 the company has had its own manufacturing base in Kinna, Sweden. Over the years Kasthall has become one of the leading international textile design floor companies in the world and now has most of its sales outside of Sweden. Kasthall continues to develop its product with solid design, focus on durability, priceless craftsmanship and by always delivering unique carpets in excellent quality to the global interior industry. For more information, please visit www.kasthall.com