Just Released: Monograph & Workshop/APD’s Case Study on Demand for Digital Tools

These past few months many have had to transition to working remotely. Even the A&D community, which is a heavily hands-on practice, had to make some major adjustments. As a result, AEC companies had the opportunity to delve into the world of digital technology with a whole new perspective on its value and role in innovating the architectural practice.

Trained architect and serial entrepreneur, Robert Yuen had identified this need for the A&D industry back when he first started working in the field in 2008 –– taking it as far as starting his own company, Monograph, to solve this industry wide issue. A start-up dedicated to providing architects, engineers, and designers with a one-stop-shop solution to project management, Monograph is a cloud-based software that is shifting the myriad planning tools used by architects to a singular and cohesive application.

Longtime customer of Monograph, Workshop/APD – an award-winning design and architecture firm – has seen firsthand how having a software tailored to their specific industry has helped their company prior to and during the pandemic. With 90 projects currently in Monograph’s software, Workshop/APD deemed Monograph a “unicorn” and “magical solution,” as it allows their firm to seamlessly handle time and project management, even during a time of great uncertainty.

You can view the case study live on Monograph’s website, here.