Just Launched: Axial & Focus Collections from Blueprint Lighting

Luxury custom lighting brand Blueprint Lighting has just dropped TWO new collections:

Axial Collection | Available on 1stDibs  | Price Point: Starting at $495

Inspired by simplistic form, this collection’s design celebrates balance and spherical shapes. Each piece consists of a thin rod that holds half spheres on either end to maximize illumination. With the Axial Collection, Blueprint Lighting is expanding their textured offerings, adding perforated enamel to their repertoire. The perforated nature of these fixtures allows for a soft and well-rounded distribution of light.

Focus Collection | | Available on 1stDibs | Price Point: Starting at $495

The Focus Collection is designed to distribute light in a direct, yet artful way. Equipped with funnel-shaped cones to house each lightbulb, the fixture disperses light across rooms of every type in a wide format. Each piece of the Focus Collection is multi-functional, serving as a light source and sculptural art piece.

The two stunning new launches, the Axial Collection and Focus Collection, can be entirely customized in 36-enamel finishes and are sold on BlueprintLighting.com and 1stdibs! Both collections also benefit form Blueprint Lighting’s unparalleled lead times, crafted to order in less than a week’s time.