Juniper Makes Grand Return to ICFF With a Major Footprint and Fresh Rebrand

The US-Lighting Manufacturer and Industry Disruptor Amplifies its Impact with a Stately 30×30-foot Booth and Rejuvenated Brand Identity Conceptualized by Force Majeure 

Juniper, the premier designer and manufacturer of craft lighting solutions, marks its sixth year at ICFF with a maximized presence. The lighting innovator returns to the Javitz Center in New York City to reveal its revitalized brand identity through an expansive showcase at booth #928 from May 19th to 21st. 

Juniper’s revamped brand identity, conceptualized by Force Majeure Design, underscores its long-established culture of innovation. Anchored by a distinct logo, an emblematic guarantee of quality and spatial design excellence, and a palette of industrial, warm tones reflecting its roots, the rebrand encapsulates Juniper’s approach to merging form and function seamlessly. The new concept solidifies Juniper as the “designers of invisible harmony” guided by the notion that its systems and fixtures intentionally exist in the periphery, where they are felt but not necessarily seen.

“Since Juniper’s inception in 2011, we have worked with our heads down to craft products and invent technologies that revolutionize the way lighting is expressed and experienced. With this rebrand, we are opening our doors and sharing the origins and ethos of our process with those who entrusted us and got us to where we are today,” explains Juniper founder, Shant Madjarian.

Juniper returns to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair with its largest booth to date showcasing its debut innovations to the patented Multiverse illuminated power distribution technology, outlined below, in addition to the brand’s already-coveted lighting solutions and the new Firma Table with integrated THIN Task Lighting designed by Travis Clifton in collaboration with HBF.

  • Multiverse Weave: Designed by long-time Juniper collaborator and industrial designer, Peter Bristol, the weave brings fantasy to practicality by “3-dimensionalizing” the Multiverse system. The weave is an extension of the ribbon that momentarily whisps off the surface of a wall forming a weave-like pattern that creates fantastical back-lit visual displays, while still allowing the mounting of spotlights and other fixtures. This expands MULTIVERSE®’s opportunities for creative forms and patterns.

  • Multiverse Mini Suspended Ribbon: The Mini Suspended Ribbon features an ultra-low profile suspended support rail, allowing the MULTIVERSE® Ribbon to retain its sleek aesthetic and give the impression of light floating in space. The Suspended Ribbon is produced in the same quality fit and finish as the Ribbon and light modules.

  • Multiverse Power Hub: Introducing the distinctive low-profile power hub designed for use with the MULTIVERSE track. The innovative technology facilitates the installation of an LED power supply driver power supply anywhere along the length of the Ribbon. This new technology facilitates both unlimited length runs of the efficient low-voltage track as well as installation of retrofit junction box-mounted track fixtures.  The hub can efficiently house up to a 96W power supply.

“With the MULTIVERSE System, we are breaking the mold of traditional closed-loop product launches in pursuit of a holistic solution for the increasingly complex lighting specification market,” Madjarian notes. “We are bringing a new model of high-performance lighting to the market where aesthetics and performance converge to address the dynamic lighting needs across interior sectors including office, hospitality, recreation, commercial, and residential.”

For more information please visit In-person appointments can be made at the brand’s SoHo showroom at 1 Crosby Street. 

About Juniper

Juniper leads the way in the design and manufacturing of lighting technology solutions. We merge purpose, technology and aesthetics to produce products that challenge the way lighting is perceived and experienced. Our mission is to break down arbitrary barriers and definitions in favor of producing true lighting and power solutions for the way we live and work today. We design for the periphery, where our products elevate rather than dominate a space, and the details of our work are felt more than they are noticed. Each Juniper product is meticulously designed and built in our advanced manufacturing facility in Connecticut with customized service and short lead times.