July CET Designer User of the Month: Maria Raiza Amante (Raiza)

July User of the month – Maria Raiza Amante – 2018 CET Designer Awards 1st place kitchen rendering
Maria Raiza Amante

Meet Maria Raiza Amante, CET Designer’s July User of the Month and Configura’s 1st place Kitchen Rendering winner in the 2018 CET Designer Awards competition.

“Exploring the potential of every space and using Design to form solutions is what I’m passionate about,” says Raiza Amante of Studio West Philippines. As a child she would follow her dad to sites that he was working on as a civil engineer. She was inspired by seeing the spaces transform from a non-functional space into a piece of art.

For seven years she has focused on residential and office projects, new builds, renovations, furnishing, and accessorizing. Raiza prides herself on being a designer with an eye for detail. In her opinion, the best spaces are designed to tell a story and encourage quality time, or even evoke a positive behavioral response.

Raiza uses CET Designer at Studio West to help clients better visualize their space, space plan, create 3D presentations, and generate furniture specifications. She has been using CET Designer for about a year but has already noticed it improves her work efficiency in terms of furniture selections and generating a bill of materials. “I like its ability to simply present anything visually, may it be 2D or 3D, allowing easy communication with clients through drawings.” One of her favorite things about CET Designer is how easy it is to make quality renderings. Her biggest trick is utilizing CET Designer’s extensive material and accessories library to add finishing touches to designs to bring them to life.

Raiza hadn’t been using CET Designer for long when she heard about our CET Designer Awards. She saw this as a chance to challenge herself and created a winning kitchen design. She was excited to have the freedom to play with a kitchen space. She was moved by the idea of modern kitchen with a traditional heart. The cool monochrome color scheme was made warm by using natural wood tones. She utilized concrete, solid wood, and Machuca tiles and bold veined marble and lacquered furnishings as contrast.

Not only is Raiza good at designing kitchens, she also knows her way around one. Inspired by her sweet tooth, she can be found baking all kinds of things like cupcakes and gateau cakes. She says her favorite part is decorating by piping and molding flowers on her desserts.

Her advice to anyone on the fence about submitting their work to the CET Designer Awards is, “if you love what you do, don’t hesitate to let your work speak for itself.”

To learn more about the 2019 CET Designer Awards or to submit your best rendering, kitchen rendering, success story, 360 panorama, or fly-thru video visit www.configura.com/awards.