JSI Introduces Cosgrove Executive Conference Swivel

JSI is proud to announce the introduction of a new slimline executive conference swivel chair known as Cosgrove. With its sleek design profile, mid-century materiality, and upholstery detailing, Cosgrove makes for a sophisticated take on the contemporary executive chair.


Cosgrove harkens back to a time of Madison Avenue executives with its mid-century styling and minimalist detailing. Following the loop of the polished aluminum arm as it curves gracefully downward, this material is updated with a selection of arm caps—black polyurethane or solid wood. The smooth, warm texture of the wood provides a comfortable hand, and in symphony with the loop, embodies a perfect blend of form and function.

The quilted back detail offers a polished touch on the sharp yet welcoming Cosgrove. Standard on Cosgrove, this detail elevates the classic appeal of the executive conference swivel and is particularly highlighted when dual upholstery is utilized.

Cosgrove features a polished aluminum swivel base and is also available in a 4-star guest base in polished aluminum. This extension of the seating line allows for the consistent design elements of Cosgrove to be carried throughout the space.


We are excited to introduce two models of Cosgrove in our standard Quickship offering. Both a mid back and a high back executive swivel, in black faux leather and black polyurethane arm caps will be available to ship within 10 days!


JSI creates quality furniture for work and life while holding true to our company motto: Love What You Do. Strongly rooted in the heart of the Midwest, generations of our furniture family have been proudly practicing their craft in southern Indiana since 1876.