Johanna Frelin New CEO of Tengbom

2015.0928.Re-S.Johanna FrelinJohanna Frelin has been appointed as the new CEO of Tengbom – one of the leading architecture companies in the world. She served most recently as CEO of Hyper Island, an international creative business school and business innovation consulting firm. Prior to that Johanna held several management positions at SVT, Sweden’s national public TV broadcaster. Her recruitment represents a key step in Tengbom’s long-term mission to be a prominent and innovative player within architecture and urban development.

Johanna Frelin has successfully driven development and change processes at both Hyper Island and SVT, companies in creative environments subject to rapid and constant change. She comes with very favourable references for her strong and engaged leadership, including the distinction as CEO of the Year in 2013 in the Small Enterprises category for her role at Hyper Island. Johanna received her MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics and has a Degree in Fine Arts from Luther College in the US. She is on the boards of SNS, the Centre for Business and Policy Studies, and Fokus Magazine.

“We are very pleased and proud about our success at recruiting Johanna Frelin as CEO of Tengbom. Johanna is a company leader with the right vision and experience needed to  fuel the strategic development of Tengbom as a leading architecture firm in a way that benefits our customers and employees alike,” says Magnus Sjöqvist, Chairman of the Board of Tengbom.

Digitalisation, globalisation and urbanisation gives rise to new demands and creates new possibilities for the architecture of the future. The choice of Johanna Frelin as new CEO is a key step in Tengbom’s long-term mission to be a prominent and innovative player within architecture and urban development. Johanna will also contribute to the strategic development of Tengbom through her substantial knowledge of the digital world.

“It is very exciting to join the Tengbom team. I have a burning passion for developing creative organisations and for working with people who are driven by deep dedication and aspire to create change. I look forward to developing Tengbom’s role as a leading architecture firm together with all of my new co-workers,” says Johanna Frelin.

Johanna will assume her duties as CEO of Tengbom in early 2016. Until then, Gunilla Haglund will continue to serve as acting CEO.

Tengbom is one of the leading architectural firms in the Nordic region. The company stands for forward-looking and living architecture with buildings and milieus that people want to visit and in which they want to live and work. Tengbom has some 550 employees at twelve offices in Sweden and Finland. Tengbom was founded in 1906 by Ivar Tengbom, a prominent figure in Swedish architecture. Read more at