JESCO Lighting Group Proudly Displays Expanded New U.S. HQ Plant and Offices

JESCO-NewExpandedHeadquarters-FrontViewA Modern, architecturally renovated 70,000-sq.-ft. building owned by JESCO, is fully operational in Port Washington, L.I., NY.

JESCO Lighting Group, 17-year multinational manufacturer and marketer of contemporary high-design, exclusively energy-saving lighting fixtures ― a pioneer in popularizing very low-watt, ultra longlife LED light sources — has 100% completed a major move and expansion of the company.  For now, anyway.  Announcement was made by Richard Kurtz, president, CEO and a principal of JESCO Lighting Group; a longtime lighting-industry professional.

The new building JESCO Lighting Group purchased is off of the Long Island Expressway, New York Route 495, east of Manhattan.  A contemporary-design, two-story, 70,000-sq.-ft. steel-framed brick and glass existing structure, it was architecturally renovated and enhanced by SDG Design architects and professional interior designers of Lindenhurst, NY.  The general contractor was Setauket Contracting of Hauppauge, NY.

The new building occupies 4 acres in a modern, landscaped industrial park.  It has 100% on-site parking, truck delivery and shipping accommodations.  Corporate offices, customer-service, product research and development, electronic systems testing and engineering, occupy 15,000-plus square feet.  Product assembly, customization, and high-ceiling computerized warehousing, comprise approximately 55,000 square feet.

“JESCO Lighting Group is one of the modern energy-conserving lighting industry’s biggest ongoing success stories,” remarks Richard Kurtz.  He notes that the company was an early adopter of very low-energy, ultra longlife LED (light-emitting diode) ambient/accent, decorative and outdoor special-effects lighting fixtures.  In that regard, the company remains ahead of many lighting-industry competitors.

At JESCO, such LED lighting is available in families of lasting good-design such as recessed and semi-recessed ceiling lights; architectural suspended ceiling-pendant lights; curvilinear suspended, aimable track lights; wall sconces, cabinet and display lighting; and flexible static or color-changing LED indoor/outdoor lighting strips with timed effects.

“Our company’s reputation is continually growing as a primary U.S. supplier of state-of-the-art, safety-certified LED luminaires and integral design-lighting systems,” Mr. Kurtz stated.  “Particularly for hospitality, healthcare and retail design; offices of all kinds; and fine residences.”

“Our company’s dynamic growth throughout its seventeen-plus years to date drove the need for a new, larger space,” Kurtz said.  “We previously purchased our own West Coast warehouse and office building in Los Angeles, and have since added a new-product showroom to it,” he noted.  “Our company also has a network of established, modern, overseas plants which feed our U.S. facilities; and still other offices in Hong Kong and Europe that help satisfy our customers’ varied, often rush requirements,” Richard Kurtz concluded.

For more information, contact JESCO Lighting Group LLC, 15 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington (Long Island), New York 11050.  Telephone: (800) 527-7796.  Fax: (855) 265-5768.  E-mail: