JESCO Adds New COB Track Luminaire, In Three Sizes, To Its Advanced-Design LED Track Lighting System

JESCO - L516 L-W Track Luminaire
JESCO – L516 L-W Track Luminaire

New Product Introduction:  LED L516-S, L516-M and L516-L  — Line voltage, aimable, high output, 3-Step MacAdam COB LED track luminaires, employing advanced-design components that provide premium efficacy and even heat distribution for a long operating life.

DesignJESCO Lighting In-House Design and Engineering Team.

ManufacturerJESCO Lighting Group

Product Applications:  Each L516-S, L516-M and L516-L line voltage track luminaire becomes an integrated, functional and aesthetic enrichment to any commercial, institutional or residential interior.

Typical installations include building lobbies; professional office facilities; casinos and hotels; restaurants; merchandise showrooms; museums and galleries; up-market retail boutiques; and upscale residential applications.

The L516 offers an energy efficient replacement to ceramic metal halide lamps used in many commercial showroom applications. The L516-L incorporates a high output, high CRI COB LED that replaces a 70W PAR38.

Product Description:  L516-S, L516-M and L516-L luminaires are available for the popular single- and two-circuit H, L and J track and are offered with field replaceable reflectors that allow for the selection of specific beam angles as well as choices in color temperatures and CRI.

LED L516-S, L516-M and L516-L embody a highly contemporary design.  Each model can be positioned and adjusted easily using aim indicators marked every 15° for exact positioning.

The interconnectable ceiling-mounted track, with its aimable rotating lighthead, complements the architectural elements of a space, highlighting objects, furnishings and merchandise displays.

All three L516 luminaires employ genuine 3-step MacAdam COB LEDs for consistent light-color generation and output.  They also incorporate a system of field-replaceable reflectors to focus the light output, each lighthead can be adjusted 330° horizontally and 90° vertically.

L516-S comprises one 18W LED, that produces 1467 lumens, 82 lumens per watt; with CRI choices of 80, 90 or 97.  Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures, with a choice of 25°, 40°, or 55° beam spreads.

L516-M contains one 27W LED, that produces 2403 lumens, 89 lumens per watt; with CRI choices of 80, 90 or 97.  Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperature, with a choice of 20°, 25°, or 37° beam spreads.

L516-L contains one 49W LED, that produces 3773 lumens, 77 lumens per watt; with CRI choices of 80, 90 or 97.  Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperature, with a choice of 18°, 42°, or 60° beam spreads.

Construction & Finishes:  LED L516-S, L516-M and L516-L track luminaires are made from die cast aluminum and feature state-of-the-art LED light sources.  All emit even conical arrays of intense white LED light, true color rendition without emitting IR or UV light rays.  A proprietary heat sink allows 50,000-hour operating life, with 70% maintained lumens.

Each trackhead has a single chip-on-board LED which provides one point source of light which eliminates the possible “scalloping effect” from heads containing multiple LEDs.

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