Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather Introduces Four New Leather Qualities

Leading interior design resource, Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather, adds four new leather qualities to their existing line: Avignon, Belmont, Formula One and Momentum. These four introductions range from luxurious full grains with pure aniline finishes (Avignon and Formula One) to textural marvels including a smooth grain nubuck (Momentum) and a pre-worn top grain (Belmont) that greatly expand Jamie Stern’s 800+ standard leathers.

Avignon is a premier upholstery leather with a pure aniline finish. A sister product to classic Jamie Stern qualities such as Bernini and Provence, this full grain leather is meant to wear in and become more beautiful with time and use. Its smooth glazed surface will look handsome when first upholstered, but will only become more so in five and ten years’ time. This is achieved through the use of natural waxes and oils to color each hide, allowing the leather to breathe and organically develop unique patinas and singular characteristics.

Belmont is a rich, complex pure aniline leather that features a sophisticated two-tone finish and a soft, velvety texture. This stylish combination is the result of a specialized manual treatment in which each hide is gently kneaded to liven up its surface. The hides are then pure aniline-dyed and finished with waxes to emphasize the contrast of the natural grain.

Formula One represents upholstery leather at its most sophisticated and beautiful. Produced on large full grain European hides, this leather is simply pure aniline-dyed and finished with natural waxes and oils. This minimalist finishing process emphasizes the organic beauty of the leather and creates a luxurious pull-up effect. It also allows the leather to breathe, age and develop a distinguished patina with time and use. To achieve this look and performance, only the finest hides available are selected to produce this quality on. The end result is a timeless leather that is meant to wear in, not wear out.

Momentum is an elegant nubuck leather with an irresistibly smooth hand and a supple suede-like nap. A sister product to Jamie Stern’s Lickety Split, Momentum is gently leveled to minimize the natural grain while still retaining the renowned strength and durability of traditional leather. Each hide of Momentum is pure aniline-dyed for color without receiving any additional pigment. This simple dyeing process is suitable for bold and neutral colors alike and highlights the refined texture that distinguishes nubuck from all other upholstery products.

Each leather quality is suitable for a wide array of corporate, hospitality and residential applications. For more information, visit here or email info@jamiesterndesign.com / call 800-524-1598.

About Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather

Jamie Stern is a leading interior design resource for furniture, carpet, leather and fabric. Over nearly 40 years, they have worked with many of the most prominent architecture and design firms in the United States with a focus on the hospitality, corporate and high-end residential market segments. The firm seeks to enable absolute creative expression by offering interior designers direct access to their manufacturing facilities and long-standing partnerships with artisan creators. This singular approach ensures that standard and custom projects alike are executed professionally while fully realizing the designer’s vision. For more information on Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather and its range of products, visit www.jamiesterndesign.com, email info@jamiesterndesign.com or call 800-524-1598.