Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather and Caroline Kepley Launch New Reverie Rug Collection

Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather announces the launch of its Reverie Rug Collection, in partnership with NYC-based interior designer Caroline Kepley.

Caroline Kepley is the co-founder and lead designer of Comma, an industrial design firm with a central focus on interior projects. Drawing inspiration from a self-described transient upbringing in which change was the only constant, she places great value on the power of evolving environments and projects with a true sense of freshness.

Reverie represents Kepley’s first collection of natural fiber rugs. The three designs – Visage, Celine and Terre – are born out of her love for novelty, a fascination with human connection and a constant search for beauty. Her commitment to crafting distinct experiences, evoking emotions and inspiring connections through design is as present and undeniable in this collection as it is in the rest of her work.

“Like most designers, I like to pull from my environment. There’s so many beautiful color gradients around us, from the sand melting into the blues of the sea to the undulating tones of green on a new leaf. I wanted to scale that up for interior spaces and bring that feeling indoors. I was also playing with the tension between manmade and nature, rectilinear versus organic,” describes Kepley on the inspiration behind her collection.

The collection is suitable for a wide array of hospitality and residential applications. For more information on the Reverie Collection, visit here or email info@jamiesterndesign.com / call 800-524-1598.

About Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet & Leather

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