Iso Work Lounge by Arcadia

Iso Three-Unit Linear Configuration

Combining the comfort of a lounge chair with partitions for privacy, Iso provides a welcome and quiet space to sit, work and focus. Seating and panel elements can be configured together to create stand-alone modules, clusters of single-user spaces, or expand into multi-user settings for various meeting requirements. Wherever personal or private space is needed within open environments, Iso has it covered.

Designed by Qdesign


Staying together but apart has never been more important. As open interiors call for more flexible seating to address privacy concerns, it’s essential that furnishings carve out private enclaves for focused work as well as adaptable areas for conversation. The Iso Work Lounge collection from Arcadia combines the comfort of a lounge chair with optional partitions for privacy, resulting in welcoming environments that foster both productivity and collaboration.

Designed by Qdesign, this adaptable lounge and modular series offers diverse styles for defining spaces, both literally and figuratively. Armless lounge and love seat models perform beautifully alone or as an ensemble to create stand-alone modules, clusters, or expand into a multitude of well-proportioned arrangements.

Driving the development was the recognition of a need for an elevated banquette lounge that could support work, privacy and gathering applications. Qdesign initially focused on tandem and single seat uses and expanded the series to support both private individualized pods as well as a place for productive, meaningful collaboration. Privacy panels were constructed by utilizing an innovative tuck-and-fold technique that not only allows multiple units to gang and align together, but also serves as a buffer for exterior sound – all within a very thin panel. This improvement upon the traditional structure is one of the key components of what makes the series truly unique.

While the foundation of Iso’s structure is in and of itself compartmentalizing, its appearance is far from one-dimensional. The beauty of its design is evident in every detail, including the intricate and varied upholstery which includes channel stitching on the back cushion and a frame that wraps behind the back and below the seat continuously. Metal legs are also offered in a broad palette of finish options, ensuring they pair well with any single or multi-tone fabric combination.

An optional open-shelf cubby – available in walnut and white oak veneer or laminate – comes standard with power and provides ample storage for a small backpack, handbag or other personal items, while an accompanying rotating tablet serves as a convenient worksurface. Models without a cubby may also be outfit with electrical access via under-seat mounted power and data units, and for ease of mobility, locking casters are available across the series.


> Single and two-seat models available with and without privacy panels.

> Multi-seating combinations can be created with shared panels, or as individual units ganged together.

> Optional cubby features open shelf for storage and comes standard with electrical unit.

> Die-cast aluminum base features adjustable glides and is offered in standard and premium finishes.

> Various power units available.