IOA Healthcare Furniture’s Cama Bed Chair Wins the Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year (BOY) Award in the Health Furniture Category

IOA.Cama Bed Chair

2015.1207.Nwy.IOA.Cama Bed ChairWhen you are sick, you want Mom or Dad or a loved one to hold your hand.  Now they can! A new classification of healthcare furniture, the family bed chair, has been introduced and, last night, at Interior Design Magazine’s coveted BOY (Best of Year) Awards, IOA’s CAMA Bed Chair won in the category of healthcare furniture.

How can the design of furniture harness the healing power of touch and promote physical contact between patients, loved ones and caregivers? This chair allows a family member to pull up to a bed-ridden patient, offering eye-to-eye contact with hand holding reassurance. It creates engaging positions for family members to connect with their loved one through recovery and at times of tender palliative care. A lockable base with casters allows for quick mobility in medical emergencies. Elevating to a 22” seat height it operates as a 3-position family recliner. For more information, contact Angela Vallejera at


The Delmestri family has manufactured furniture for three generations.  The company was founded in Udine, Northern Italy in 1933 and was known as a leading manufacturer of contemporary seating designs.  In 1978, Dario Delmestri moved the company to the United States to a new facility in Thomasville, NC. Today, IOA designs and crafts healthcare furniture lines and has received numerous accolades including Neocon’s Innovation Award, the Nightingale Award, and Healthcare Design’s People’s Choice Award.


The Cama Collection, LLC is addressing the gap in the kit-of-parts needed to fully develop interior environments that impact human behavior.  Working with CAMA, Inc., the intelligence gained from each of their projects leads to new ideas and opportunities to improve anyone’s Life Indoors.  In our work as thought leaders and as design practitioners, we have partnered with both publishers, artisans, and manufacturers in the launch of this collection.

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