Introducing Trilogy and Peek by Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet, Leather & Fabric

Peek & Trilogy Collection –  designer Timothy deFiebre

Deceptively Simple, Perfectly Balanced Tables and Stools

Form and function come together beautifully in Trilogy and Peek, a quartet of infinitely customizable new tables and stools from Jamie Stern Furniture, Carpet, Leather & Fabric. These deceptively simple pieces feature a careful balance of line and volume in streamlined silhouettes that work in multiple settings, including corporate, education, hospitality and residential, providing easy, lightweight options for group seating.

Each new table and stool features a combination of straight and curved lines, executed with airy bases and substantial tops. These lightweight designs are created to be picked up easily and moved freely for maximum flexibility when grouped.

The Trilogy Table features a round wood top inset between three metal legs that stop a quarter-inch short of the table top, providing a visual base that anchors the table’s silhouette. The complementary Trilogy Stool has a similar profile, topped by an upholstered seat. Both the tables and stools are easily moved to group together for easy conferencing, providing a range of seating options in a variety of settings. The Trilogy Table’s surface measures 20 inches in diameter by 1 inch thick; the table’s overall height is 15.75 inches. The Trilogy Stool also measures 20 inches in diameter with a 17.25-inch seat height.

Trilogy Stool

The Peek Stool and Table each comprise a rectangular top with slightly curved sides, perched on a simple four-legged frame. The pair’s name is a reference to the slight glance of the top of the four legs where they “peek” out at the seat corners before curving to the floor. This ergonomic shape means that the pieces are comfortable to grasp and easy to move, making them stylish and practical alternatives to larger ottomans and poufs as well as easy to stack and store. The Peek Table measures 18 inches wide by 16 inches deep and is 15.75 inches high. The Peek Stool seat has similar dimensions, with a 17-inch seat height.


“I call designs like these ‘beautiful generic objects’: designed to be quiet and not flashy, to expand their use and appeal,” said Tim deFiebre, designer and creative consultant to Jamie Stern. “Small details make a big difference in these designs. For example, the round and modified square tops stand both in contrast to and in harmony with legs that sit out slightly from the surface areas. The visual tension between straight and curved, strong and delicate, make these pieces the understated components of an interior space.”

Each table and stool’s tight grain oak wood veneers are offered in four standard finishes and almost unlimited custom options. Additionally, the stools can be upholstered in one of Jamie Stern’s numerous standard fabrics or leathers, or COM. Clean lines, thoughtful details and unlimited fabric and finish options ensure that there is a Trilogy or Peek piece to complement every interior design scheme.

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