Introducing The Astrum Pendant – Geometric Shadow Play

We are excited to introduce you to the Astrum, our newest family of pendants. The inspiration for the Astrum dates back to the first prototype the three of us ever made after starting Cerno.

The varying depths of the flat panels strategically obstruct a direct view of the light source. Light reflects off the inside of the outer panels and bounces off the inner panels producing a halo washing effect. The oculus at the bottom functions to emit a useful amount of downlighting.

We have shared the Astrum with several designers visiting Cerno recently, and each one has a very different reaction. Some see a nostalgic modern form, and others feel that the aesthetic is futuristic.

Astrum is available in two sizes. The larger size has a diameter of 17 inches, and the smaller size has an 11-inch diameter. Both sizes are available in a matte black with a white interior, distressed brass, and gloss white.

We look forward to seeing how you use this fixture as part of your design.

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