Introducing: bde&co.

Previously bde, the firm emphasizes collaboration and experience with a new name and visual identity 

After more than 25 years as an ambassador for the global architecture and design communities in North America, communications firm bde is pleased to announce a new name–and a new look–that reflects the values, achievements, and people who have contributed to the company’s longevity. As of September 12th, 2022, the company will be known as bde&co., debuting a fresh visual identity and updated website that express the firm’s strong sense of self with a clear eye on its future.

“Our company is defined by authenticity: what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for. It was time to represent ourselves in a way that best reflects all of us.”  –Beth Dickstein, Founder & CEO

Inspired by the opportunities for reflection that have lately defined the cultural landscape, bde&co. recognized that their own evolution could be better communicated by their company’s digital presence. The refreshed branding represents bde&co.’s forward momentum, as the company embraces rapid developments in communication strategies through research and innovation, all while maintaining their expertise across the B2C, B2B, and D2C venues in the architecture and design, travel, culture, lifestyle, and hospitality industries.

“Our firm walks the tightrope of timelessness and timeliness everyday. This new name and look captures the feeling of keeping one foot in the present and one in the future–with the past in our pocket for context–and always while elevating the people who make up bde&co.” –Beth Massey, Vice President

bde&co. credits its continued success to its fundamental nature as a team. More than a communications agency, bde&co. is a community that values ethics, authenticity, creative thinking, and being of superior service to the clients who place their trust in them. Demonstrated excellence across a multi-faceted team has earned the company long-term relationships with clients in an often transactional landscape.

“We are excited for this next phase of the brand with a fresh new look and perspective on the future of the industry and our team. We’re drawing inspiration from our past successes and looking ahead at the endless possibilities.” –Karen Brooking, Senior Vice President

The rebranding was led by Design Consultant and Professor William van Roden. Van Roden specializes in branding and printed matter, and has helped define how clients including The New York Times, HP, Martha Stewart, and other independent institutions express themselves. Van Roden worked in collaboration with bde&co.’s Associate Director of Digital Media, Benjamin Meyers, to integrate the company’s ethos into its print and digital presence. Explore what’s new at

About bde&co.

bde&co.’s trusted perspective is backed by more than 25 years of demonstrated expertise in the architecture and design, travel, culture, lifestyle, and hospitality industries. We combine commercial know-how with a maker’s mindset to build a diverse roster of clients who share our passion for innovative, original design; our commitment to integrity; and our enthusiasm and dedication to creativity.

A global communications firm based in NYC, we know the power of personalized service that never loses sight of the bigger picture. bde&co. fosters rich relationships with our clients, their markets, and the media to achieve meaningful results that raise the standards for success.

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