Interstyle Launches New Offerings Direct to A+D

Interstyle ColorLAB
Interstyle partition rendering

Interstyle Glass: Now Available for Direct Order

As pioneers of modern glass manufacturing, Vancouver-based Interstyle creates one-of-a-kind, custom glass for each and every project. For the first time in 40 years, in addition to partnering with distributors to sell their products, Interstyle is offering direct specification and ordering for architecture and design clients.

Designers are invited to work with Interstyle’s team from concept and development to sampling and specification, ensuring exact color matching and the flexibility to fit any material palette imaginable. Register as a designer on the new, and Interstyle’s team of artisan color experts will help you find, sample, and specify the perfect glass for your next project. With the largest industry standard of more than 179 curated colors and up to 10,000 custom options, the possibilities for new and exciting innovations are endless.

Whether working with a robotic mosaic system or painting tiles by hand, Interstyle’s team of artisan color experts strike the ideal balance between cutting edge technology and time-honored craft. Interstyle strives to make everyday living and working spaces extraordinary, continuing to develop new products and expand options for designer involvement in the architecture and design community.

Interstyle pattern: fly, neo, riz
Interstyle ribbon leather