Interior Investments Merges with Paric Holdings

This strategic collaboration will leverage the strengths and expertise of each organization to deliver a comprehensive suite of turnkey services to best support their customers. 

Interior Investments and Paric Holdings have officially entered into a partnership agreement designed to expand their combined footprint in workplace curation. The partnership, which maintains both Interior Investments and Paric Holdings as their own entities, brings together two companies with proven credentials in their respective industries.

Interior Investments, a top performing Certified MillerKnoll furniture distributor, manages multiple locations in the Midwest, and exceeds $150 million in annual sales. To Donald Shannon, Co-owner of Interior Investments, this historic partnership presents an exciting opportunity for growth, while maintaining the company’s tenets of success.

“This partnership has provided us with additional financial resources for company growth and development, while staying true to our core values to remain sustainable, durable and high performing.”

Paric Holdings operates as one of the largest privately held family businesses in multiple industry sectors, generating over $800 million in annual revenue across several construction-related industries like general construction, interior construction, electrical co-ops, purchasing services, and more. For both Paric Holdings and Interior Investments, the true value of the partnership lies in these complementary areas of expertise.

“We are extremely focused on fostering growth and development for strong companies like Interior Investments,” stated Kyle Lopez, President of Paric Holdings. “Together we will create comprehensive workplace solutions with the capacity to take our overall client experience to new levels.”

While the newly combined billion-dollar organization represents incredible financial stability and growth potential for both companies, this partnership also brings together two entities with a shared belief in the ideals of innovation and excellence.

“Being able to bring new and innovative perspectives has never been more important – which is why this integration makes complete sense, adds Michael Greenberg, Co-owner of Interior Investments. “We believe our shared values will allow us to continue to invest in the future of our customers, partners, and employees as a top performing certified MillerKnoll dealership.”