Integra Seating Debuts New Tide Metal Series

Part of the Coastal Collection, Tide Offers Design Flexibility, Durability and Maintenance to Meet Healthcare Environment Requirements

Integra Seating introduced a new seating option perfectly suited for healthcare environments at this year’s Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.  The new Tide Metal Series, part of Integra’s Coastal Collection, offers a remarkable combination of warm design, superior strength, function, and comfort for environments ranging from patient rooms to lounge and waiting areas.

The Tide Series consists of four seat widths of 22”, 27” 32” and 42” and three back heights: Low, High and Patient, and an Orthopedic/Hip Seat Height. All seating options are bariatric weight-rated, certified Clean Air Gold and compliant with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative of Safer Chemicals Challenge.

Featuring the same elegant design as Integra’s popular Tide Wood Series, Tide Metal’s ability to meet the lounge seating needs of healthcare environments lies in its design and steel frame construction. The steel arms and legs, graced with soft, gentle curves, and available in several powder coat finishes, create a contemporary look that enhances any healthcare space. Available with solid surface arm caps, Tide can be upholstered with an expansive selection of graded-in fabrics from the industry’s leading textile distributors. A unique tablet option with a 300 lb. static capacity is also available.  Tide Metal can seamlessly coordinate with Integra’s existing Tide Wood Series and all other Coastal Collection products, adding even greater design flexibility for healthcare designers and specifiers.

Tide’s steel inner construction not only provides exceptional strength and durability, but also helps with maintenance and healthcare delivery.  The steel arms and legs, nonporous and non-corrosive, when regularly cleaned with the necessary cleaners, can reduce the risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).  Additionally, unlike other materials prone to scratches or scuffs, Tide Metal will last longer while maintaining its “like-new” look for years to come.

Tide offers superior ease of maintenance to keep seats clean of debris and looking better longer.  Low Tide seating includes a wall-saver design, while all seating options come standard with clean-out design, along with a wear-point seat rotation, a unique function Integra builds in that keeps the seat looking and performing longer.  An island seat option, which allows for clean-out on all sides, is also available.  Tide components, including the seat, back, leg and arm, can be easily replaced, further extending the lifecycle of the product and reducing a facility’s cost for a total product replacement.

“We are excited to add the new Tide Metal Series to our collection of products uniquely suited for all types of healthcare interiors, whether it’s for acute care or senior living,” said Chandra Putnam, Integra’s Director of Sales and Marketing.   “With various seat widths, back heights and component options, Tide Metal brings on-trend design flexibility.  But just as important, it offers patients, family, staff and other users the comfort and function they need in a seating solution, while improving the cost of ownership to the facility.”

As with all Integra products, Tide units pass a 2,000 lb. static capacity and 1,000 lb. dynamic (drop) capacity, both of which exceed industry standards for quality and strength.  Integra backs its products with a lifetime warranty, which includes use in 24/7 facilities.

About Integra

Located in southern Wisconsin, Integra Inc., is a family-owned and operated company that has been designing and manufacturing seating and tables for lounge and reception areas since 1982. The company started with Monroe Putnam’s patented “tube and plug” inner construction design. Since then, Integra owners, Monroe and Deena Putnam, have grown Integra into a leading company that accommodates the unique requirements of each customer and end-user, and continually adds new products that exceed customer expectations. Integra sets the standard for products with functional style, durability and flexibility combined with first-class customer service. With a focus on durability and minimizing environmental impact, all Integra seating lines have replaceable components to provide a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for any facility.