Instant Decor Update

2015/2015.0713.ProdIntro.EzClipse2.full.jpgInstantly change the ambiance of a room with easy to install light fixtures. No tools or labor required, EzClipse transforms a room using a patented magnetic fastening system, so the fixtures are installed in seconds, and they stay put. The perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys changing the look of a space instantly and without high expense.

EzClipse ( attaches to your existing light fixture’s trim giving it a new look and lighting effect. The line offers three styles of lighting conversions: The Low Profile Line, which features a square model, adds a soft touch for a more modern look; the Stylish Line, which features a frosted shade attached to either a square or round backing, enhances depth and texture of the ceiling; and the Shade Line, which features two round shades that both complement and enhance any room.

The line works with any existing recessed lighting fixture – they are magnetic, meaning they instantly attach to metal trim. And it’s no problem if the trim isn’t metal! EzClipse can simply twist onto the existing fixture.