INDEAL Welcomes Industry Veteran Tracy Baumer to Lead Dealer Recruiting Efforts

2015.0817.Re-S.Tracy BaumerINDEAL is pleased to announce the addition of Tracy Baumer to its dealer development team to focus on new dealer recruiting. With over 15 years of experience in dealer sales, buying group sales and as a manufacturer’s representative, Baumer is uniquely qualified to strengthen INDEAL’s market position as the largest purchasing group in the contract furniture industry.

While dealer members in the INDEAL program are already among the most successful in the U.S. and Canada, the partnership bolsters their financial security and the capacity for growth. Baumer will utilize INDEAL’s history of success to target new dealer members and ensure a successful launch into the program.

Says Baumer of the opportunity, “I love that in our industry, INDEAL is a relatively new but increasingly influential company. It will be exciting to be a part of it and help the company grow. There is so much potential for continued success.”

About INDEAL: INDEAL adds value to dealers and suppliers in the contract office furniture industry. Membership in INDEAL provides dealers with a significant return on investment in exchange for focusing on a short list of preferred suppliers carefully selected to support and protect the dealers’ primary aligned manufacturer. In addition, INDEAL offers sophisticated marketing, training and knowledge-based programs to aid the individual dealers. Membership in INDEAL means financial growth, lower operating costs, and a more focused approach to non-aligned purchasing. It additionally supports a well-developed network of peers from all major alignments that offer support and a lively idea exchange.