Important News: IFI CONGRESS & General Assembly

IFI 2021 CONGRESS & General Assembly postponed until February 2022

With the continued restrictions and unforeseen developments in the Covid-19 pandemic affecting both travel and local event planning, the IFI Congress and General Assembly (IFI GA) have been postponed and will not take place in November 2021 as originally planned.

This decision was informed by the ongoing global disruptions and our concern for your health and safety. Using this pandemic period as the possibility to better align IFI benefits for your interest and engagement, we are recalibrating programs, processes and schedules for your increased accessibility, using in-person, hybrid, and digital-only methods. Moving forward, and beginning in 2022, the IFI General Assembly and its related activities shall take place biennially in the first quarter of all even years.

By re-adjusting IFI schedules, we are taking this opportunity for the current IFI Executive Board to fulfill a complete 2-year cycle. Most importantly, we are doing this for your ease and comfort of participation. For this, we are reframing our traditional IFI Congress and General Assembly as an updated and fully digital event with as much in-person engagement as is safely possible or desired by you – both now and into the future.

Providing you full access to new conversations, knowledge and connection with colleagues worldwide

By taking this action immediately, we believe the IFI GA and its related programs will provide you the opportunity for full access to new conversations, knowledge and connection with many of your colleagues and our members worldwide. Regardless of travel restrictions, cost and logistical issues, we hope this will allow you and our diverse world community to equally participate and share your national (and regional) professional developments for Interior Architecture/Design.

Shaping with you a more robust and appropriate Interiors discipline for this time

By sharing your latest developments, concerns and challenges, and with IFI doing what we singularly exist to do, we have the possibility to together shape a more robust and appropriate Interiors discipline for this time. We know that much has changed and that much remains in transition toward significant transformation across the world. Together, we look forward to better understanding and redefining current challenges as we build best practices to lead the profession into a better future for you.

New dates for the IFI General Assembly 2022 and all related activities will be announced soon. We thank you for your understanding and hope you are as excited with our possibilities together as we are.

We would like to hear your thoughts. As ever, we remain available and ready to connect with you.


Founded in 1963, IFI – the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers is the singular world federation for the discipline’s design communities, policymakers, experts and enthusiasts. An independent body who acts as the ‘UN’ for Interiors worldwide, IFI’s headquarters are appropriately located within the United Nations’ international territory in New York City.

At the world level, IFI’s responsibilities include comprehensively strengthening professional knowledge, caliber of work and integrity of practice, as well as promoting the value of quality design and advancing its impacts. IFI unifies Interior Architecture/Design through globally relevant knowledge, experience and understanding, while engaging the profession with the general public.

IFI believes in the power of Design as a vehicle for human betterment and productive improvement. IFI recognizes that all people are equal across the world and that well-designed environments help to uplift humanity and civil society. It promotes equal rights and access to Interior Architecture/Design practice, research and education to be granted equally to all who wish to pursue it. This is regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, cultural heritage and socio-economic background, and not-withstanding disparities brought forth across different regional contexts. That good and quality Design requires to foundationally take into consideration these and other such evolving factors as technological innovation, globalization, economic and political instability and social inequality, as well as holistic consideration of the environmental/sustainable factors.