ILEX Expands Lighting Capabilities with Acquisition of Custom Metalcraft


ILEX2ILEX Architectural Lighting is continuing its expansion with the recent acquisition of Boston-based Custom Metalcraft (CMC). CMC, which offers unique large-scale fixtures as well as custom lights and shades, will work with ILEX to offer high-volume products at competitive price points that are especially suitable for the hospitality market.

President of ILEX Architectural Lighting, Alan Indursky, remarks, “The combination of Custom Metalcraft’s expertise in creating large-scale fixtures, along with ILEX’s extensive domestic and overseas manufacturing, will allow us to offer complete decorative fixture packages, outfitting all kinds of spaces from lobbies to guest rooms, offices, and hallways, all from a single manufacturer.”

ILEX3Additionally, Custom Metalcraft President Mike Elson will be joining the ILEX team. By taking on the position of Director of Engineering, Elson will use his strong background, experience, and industry knowledge to fuel ILEX’s overall growth.

With the power of ILEX supporting it, Custom Metalcraft will also expand its LED product focus in both its catalog and custom fixtures. The company will maintain its own catalog apart from ILEX.

In addition to Custom Metalcraft, ILEX companies include Norwell, Davis Muller, and CS Metal.

For a look at Custom Metalcraft’s full range of offerings, visit their website at

About ILEX:

ILEX4ILEX is an American lighting manufacturer based in Taunton, MA that creates architectural lighting solutions for commercial, hospitality and high-end residential spaces. Founded in 2000, as a subsidiary of the 65-year-old lighting brand Norwell, ILEX is committed to nurturing American design and production. The company employs an experienced staff of artisans who have over 80 years of expertise in the lighting industry, collectively. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter at @ILEXLighting.