IFMA Sustainability Webinar

IFMA Sustainability Webinar – July 21, 2015, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern


IFMA’s Sustainability Advisory Group (SAG) is sponsoring a webinar featuring discussions of three topics:

1. Electric Vehicles: GSA Case Study and Discussion of S.1053 on Promoting Alternative Fueled Vehicles and Infrastructure.
The GSA procured 310 electric vehicles and associated charging infrastructure for over 21 agencies through its Electric Vehicle Pilot Program. The pilot is an investment to incorporate electric vehicles and charging infrastructure into the federal government’s vehicle and building portfolios. This program ensures GSA and other Federal agencies have an opportunity to gain experience with the new technologies and introduced a vehicle option to assist agencies in meeting sustainability goals. The Electric Vehicle Program will aid federal agencies in implementing Executive Order 13693 on federal sustainability, which requires a 30 percent decrease in petroleum consumption. This webinar component will discuss the GSA program along with issues associated with installation considerations, charging stations, trends and best practices.
S.1053 is a bill recently introduced at a Senate hearing by U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) to cut energy costs and boost new energy investments.
Speakers: Kevin Kampschroer is the Director of the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the GSA Chief Sustainability Officer and the GSA Senior Climate Change Adaption Official.  Caitlin Murphy, AIP-ASA/AAAS is a Congressional Science Fellow in the Office of Senator Al Franken.

2. Outdoor Lighting and the LEEP Campaign
The LEEP Campaign encourages commercial building, parking lot, and garage owners and managers to take advantage of the Campaign’s proven opportunity to save energy and money by using high efficiency lighting technology in parking lots and structures. State-of-the-art lighting technologies can last 2 to 5 times longer than traditional outdoor lights.  These systems pay for themselves quickly by cutting energy costs up to 70% and maintenance costs up to 90%. The goal of the LEEP Campaign is to have 1 billion square feet of parking structure or lot space use roughly 1/3 less energy than Std. 90.1-2010 by July1, 2016. Based on estimates, these energy savings equal approximately 150 million kilowatt-hours; that is equivalent to the annual electricity use of almost 14,000 homes. Entering its third year, the campaign has recognized nearly 500 million square feet to date. The Campaign is organized by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, the Green Parking Council, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and the International Parking Institute (IPI). The Department of Energy is the campaign’s technical advisor.
Speaker: Paul Wessel leads the Green Parking Council, a national 501(c)(3) organization fostering green parking practices through certification and credentialing programs, open-sourced standards, professional leadership and educational development.

3. IFMA’s Strategic Advisory Group (SAG): Status and Initiatives
Sustainability is a Knowledge Center of Excellence within IFMA and, as such, impacts most aspects of its operations. This webinar component will describe how SAG is structured and operates; the current status of its major initiatives; its products, resources and services; trends and integration within IFMA’s components; and how to become engaged in its sustainability activities.
Speaker: Eric Teicholz is the Chair of SAG and an advisor to the Commonwealth of MA Integrated Facility Management and Advanced Energy Group’s initiatives.