IFI WID 2021 | Celebrating Together


Together We Celebrated Everywhere

IFI was excited to celebrate the 2021 IFI World Interiors Day with you – our members and world design community. At IFI, to cap off this month of celebrations exploring the theme of ‘Design as a Global Conversation‘, we identified four key ideas or words from this last year to talk about – communicationclimate changehome and inclusivity.


Hear What the IFI Executive Board, Members & Worldwide Design Community Had to Say About Communication, Climate Change, Home and Inclusivity

We want to hear what you have to say on these topics and any others. Let us know what you think or how you celebrated. Use #IFIWID so we can share it with our worldwide community. You can also submit your event photos and synopsis here, by sending them to staff@ifiworld.org, or clicking the button below to be included in the IFI WID 2021 gallery on the IFI website.

We can’t wait to see your activities and hear what you’ve been talking about! We hope you had a very happy 2021 IFI World Interiors Day!


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The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) is the global voice and authority for professional Interior Architects/Designers. As the singular Federation of Associations, IFI acts as a global forum for the exchange and development of professional practice, knowledge and experience, along with education, research and design advocacy worldwide. IFI connects the international community to further the impact, influence and application of the design of interiors, promote social responsibility, and raise the global status of the profession. An international not-for-profit, founded in 1963, IFI expands the international network of professional Interior Architects/Designers.

IFI believes in the power of Design as a vehicle for human betterment and productive improvement. IFI recognizes that all people are equal across the world and that well-designed environments help to uplift humanity and civil society. It promotes equal rights and access to Interior Architecture/Design practice, research and education to be granted equally to all who wish to pursue it. This is regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, cultural heritage and socio-economic background, and not-withstanding disparities brought forth across different regional contexts. That good and quality Design requires to foundationally take into consideration these and other such evolving factors as technological innovation, globalization, economic and political instability and social inequality, as well as holistic consideration of the environmental/sustainable factors.