IFI President’s Message: Anticipating Greatness – Announcing IFI WID

IFI President's Message

On behalf of all at IFI, I hope the New Year has started well for you.

At IFI, we are enthusiastic with the start of 2016 and look forward to developing increasingly greater progress for the expansion and excellence of the Interiors profession. As for the Federation, IFI is poised to grow, strengthen and gather greater momentum this year. Of course, as always, we will maintain the highest of standards while actively working to more strongly coalesce our global community. With your engagement, together, we will shape a more relevant profession, all the while, developing and embedding IFI as the sole world body for the Interior Architecture/Design.

This President’s Message coincides with our launch of World Interiors Day (WID) 2016. The theme this year, selected by you, our members, is “Interiors Intelligence”.

IFI Execuitve Board
IFI Executive Board 2015-2017

World Interiors Day (WID), is an annual global event designed to showcase and highlight the Interior Architecture/Design profession. While officially celebrated on the last Saturday in May, (Saturday, May 28th 2016) the entire month plays host to events demonstrating the power, potential and the merits of the Interiors discipline and its impact on the quality of our lives.

WID is important for every nation to embrace, since only in sincere world unity of the profession can we make progress together. As it has always been, WID is a coming together of multiple programs, organized and executed by individual / groups of Interior Architects / Designers from around the world, linked by a common theme, which is always chosen by our members at the IFI biennial General Assembly. How you choose to celebrate World Interiors Day is up to you, your firm or national / local association. We look forward to including your programs, community, city and the results of your effort in all IFI promotional materials after the conclusion of WID at the end of May. This material is circulated across the world and, this year, we encourage more countries than ever before to take advantage of the global visibility that this fosters.

Another focused global effort for us at IFI this term (2015-2017) is to embed the Interiors Declaration and its profound values in education, and practice, as well as in the consciousness of the general public.

In its short existence (founded in 2011), the Interiors Declaration has already captured the attention of national and city governments around the globe. By adopting (or proclaiming) the Declaration, governmental bodies acknowledge the importance of Design and Interiors. IFI encourages the Interiors community to come together and work with their local and national governments to adopt this important Interiors Declaration in recognition of World Interiors Day.

This is an opportunity to showcase the intrinsic value and necessity of good for its impact on wellbeing, productivity and economic development. Our goal for each year this term is to reach out to a minimum of 12 cities across the world to proclaim the IFI Interiors Declaration for the purpose of connecting the profession, establish industry standards in education, and furthering public awareness of this significant influence and impact of Interior Architecture/Design.

We are proud that we will start 2016, with the first celebration of the Declaration adoption by the city of Guadalajara, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. This special event will take place in February during our first board meeting of the 2015-2017 term in Guadalajara. For the ExCom, the entire board and IFI staff, I wish to thank our member Asociación Nacional de Interiorismo A.C. (SMI) for their effort and the great work undertook on behalf of IFI and Interiors.

Moving forward, the board’s work continues to build upon the great accomplishments of previous board groups and extended communities to uphold the IFI MISSION:

IFI exists to expand, internationally and across all levels of society, the contribution of the Interior Architecture/Design profession, through the exchange and development of knowledge and experience, in education, practice and fellowship.

This mission is especially exciting in the context of our vision for alliance with the UN. We know that with you, our members, we share great enthusiasm for the accomplish of this goal which will help to uplift the Interiors profession.

I invite you to join as all in anticipating and gloriously imagining what we will accomplish together in the year ahead, and to strive for ever greater success. As always I look forward to receiving any questions or comments you may have.



Saturday, 28 May 2016

We look forward to learning about your plans!

Please send us your topics, events, posters, and especially pictures to the IFI Secretariat

World Interiors Day 2016 Press Release Download PDF Here [484 KB]

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