IFI President’s Message: Announcing IFI’s Global Awards Program

I am delighted to share with the you the launch of IFI’s Global Awards Program – IFI GAP. Conceived as a contribution to the development of the Interior Architecture/Design profession, IFI GAP will identify, honor and document the Who’s Who of the discipline’s luminaries and leaders, as well as engage all our members and the international community to help identify the Best of the Best of built designed contributions within our profession from across the world.

Designed as an awards program, IFI GAP is an important extension to our member benefits. By way of a biennial recognition, we plan to capture and build a database of those who shape the profession, write its history and demonstrate creativity that elevates the Interior Architecture/Design sector for the greatest relevance and societal impact. We seek your help for us to work together to build for posterity, a source of documentation of the profession’s talent and frontiers. For this we will work with renowned world leaders to help identify and select winners. We request your national/regional winning project submittals for a rigorously juried review for this world recognition. Then, we will document the creatives and creativity used for the evolving and timely designed response to the ever-current societal challenges, needs and wants.

Recognizing the profession’s design luminaries and their exemplary leadership, as well as the best-of-the-best built design projects for Interior Architecture/Design internationally

IFI GAP is comprised of four of the highest honors achievable internationally in the Interior Architecture/Design profession for:

Individual/team recognition
2.  IFI Fellowship (FoIFI, an ongoing program)
3.  IFI Design Journalism Award (IFI DJA)

Exemplary built works
4.  IFI Design Distinction Awards (IFI DDA)

All IFI member organizations and your individual member networks are eligible to enter IFI GAP. For more detail please go to www.ifiworld.org/GAP


IFI’s Global Awards Program (IFI GAP) recognizes and awards design excellence at the world level. This biennial program acknowledges exceptional leadership and talent from around the world, identifying the best-of-the-best in both individual contributions to the design profession and built interiors projects.

IFI GAP 2019 will open entries and nominations on March 29.
See details following each award below, and please get involved – it’s our profession, it’s our singular world!


Awarded to an individual or collective who have made an outstanding international contribution to the field of Interior Architecture/Design, the IFI PRIZE is considered the highest honor awarded for the discipline at an international level.

All IFI members are invited to submit a single nomination for the IFI PRIZE in each biennial IFI GAP cycle.

The IFI Fellowship

Individuals who have displayed outstanding and exemplary professional leadership and international achievements within the Interior Architecture/Design discipline. FoIFI recipients are selected by an IFI appointed selection committee.

IFI members are consulted as required by the IFI Selection Committee.

The IFI Design Journalism Award

Recognizes individuals who have delivered outstanding and impactful reporting and storytelling that enlightens and helps to advance Interior Architecture/ Design around the world. This award encompasses all formats of published/broadcast journalism media including text, still image, video, audio or any combinations thereof.

All IFI members are invited to submit a single nomination for the IFI DJA in each biennial IFI GAP cycle.

IFI GAP builds a single-source world repository of preeminent interiors leadership and projects

A Global Design Competition

In the form of a global design competition, IFI DDA recognizes excellence in the design outcome of built projects from across the world. Those recognized with an IFI DDA are leading the way in Interior Architecture/Design practice through their built work; contributing at the highest level to raising the bar of design innovation and excellence, showcasing design’s impact on the value and well-being to society and culture.

IFI DDA offers two routes for entry for IFI members and their networks:

  • Submit the highest winning projects from your design award program. Entry is free for those projects already recognized at the national design level as part of IFI member awards program.
  • Enter DDAs directly with individual projects. Individual members of IFI affiliated organizations are also eligible to directly submit their best built projects completed in the last two years for consideration.


More information on the IFI Global Awards Program can be found at www.ifiworld.org/GAP

I encourage you all to participate and share this opportunity with your networks. Full details and a call for entries will be open for submission starting 29 March 2019.

Steve Leung

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