IFDA NY Enlightenment Series July 13: Down with Downlights! Viva la iluminación!

Tight budgets tying your hands? Energy standards dampening your creativity?

Greater efficiency doesn’t have to mean the death of eccentricity. LED has given us more than lumens per Watt, it gives us the chance to rethink forms of lighting fixtures-from the breathtakingly large scale, to the refined and demure-and to produce them at a price point rivaling less ambitious designs.

Axolight fixtures are designed to be performant with an aesthetic point of view. By combining functional lighting with a decorative soul, Axolight makes space for art in any project or budget. And all created with the goal of augmenting, rather than distracting from, other architectural features of the spaces they inhabit. On Monday, see our vision of lighting fixture design, and how it can fit into your own designs. The newest installment of our Monday Enlightenment Series

July 13th 10:00 AM

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Our Presenter:
Mike Miner is the VP of Sales for Axolight USA. Based in Virginia, educated in Spain, he started his career in lighting in China, and since helped to design, manufacture and market lighting products around the world.

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