IA White Paper and Call to Action: Designing Positivity

As we continue to face one of the greatest global challenges in modern times—upending every facet of our lives, from the domestic sphere to the workplace—we are presented with an opportunity to redesign our world for the better: to rethink our spaces and space-related practices to be more equitable and human-centered.

We now have an imperative to be more active in the public realm, to incorporate more sustainable practices, and to bring equity to all spaces—including the workplace. In this paper, Mary Lee Duff (Director of Strategy at IA) and Su-San Tan (Director, Workplace Strategy & Insights at Space Matrix) discuss how we can work toward the goal of bolstering the end user’s physical and psychological wellness and, by extension, the health and resilience of the communities of which they are part.


“Together, IA Space Matrix has taken a look at the current state of workplace through the lens of the intersection of design and neuroscience, and an optimistic view of the future of work. In our practices, both Su-San and I prioritize a healthy and productive environment where people can safely come together to ideate and create. We firmly believe that the workplace will remain relevant as the place where we interact face to face and is the heart of each organization’s culture.”

Mary Lee Duff
IA Interior Architects
Director of Strategy

IA Interior Architects, 77 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PZ, United Kingdom