IA Welcomes Strategy Director Erik Lucken

IA Interior Architects welcomes Strategy Director Erik Lucken. Erik brings over 25 years of workplace strategy experience and has already provided significant value to the firm during the COVID-19 crisis as the moderator of IA’s webinar, A Changed World: What Happens When We Return to the Office? and a contributor to the research report.

Erik will serve as a firmwide strategy resource located in IA’s Minneapolis office. He is focused on the intersection of business performance, the work environment, and alignment with organizational goals. Erik brings extensive experience in research and strategy, as well as a deep understanding of how design supports work. He works with clients to translate opportunities into solutions that enhance the employee experience, support business operations, and positively impact the ROI.

“For many years, workplace change has amounted to minor variations within a pretty consistent theme. That’s about to shift in a big way. Myriad possibilities for how to work are opening up entirely new approaches to workplace strategy and design. I’m excited to join IA at this important moment in the evolution of the office,” says Erik.


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