Humanscale’s Path Chair Garners Triple Honors in Fast Company’s 2023 Innovation by Design Awards

In a testament to design innovation and commitment to the environment, Humanscale’s Path Chair has been recognized across three categories in Fast Company’s prestigious 2023 Innovation by Design Awards. The chair received honorable mentions for the Best Material Innovations, and the Best Sustainable Designs; it was also a finalist in the Circular Design category.

The Material Innovations and Sustainable Design categories spotlight projects that push material innovation boundaries and employ inventive design to reduce environmental harm. The Path Chair excels in both these domains. Notably, its construction uses materials upcycled from discarded fishing nets and plastic containers reclaimed from the ocean. As a result, the chair is adorned with the title of “The World’s Most Sustainable Task Chair”. Boasting 52% recycled content in its structure, including post-consumer plastic bottles and post-industrial materials, every chair’s FormSense Eco Knit™ textile embodies approximately 68 plastic bottles. These impressive attributes, combined with a Level® Certification, set the Path Chair apart in an industry striving for sustainability.

Path is certified climate positive, emphasizing that its creation not only reduces harm but actively benefits our planet. Each chair represents a conscious choice towards a healthier future. With the Path Chair leading the way, it’s the 26th climate positive product from Humanscale, a remarkable achievement that no other manufacturer in the industry has attained. As manufacturing moves into a world where sustainability and innovation intersect, Humanscale’s Path Chair emerges as a beacon, redefining benchmarks and setting new standards for eco-friendly design.

In the Circular Design category of the Innovation by Design Awards, which emphasizes the creation of products designed to eliminate waste and reuse resources, the Path Chair truly shines. Unlike many contemporary chairs, the Path Chair is engineered to endure, with a lifespan of a decade, underscoring Humanscale’s commitment to longevity and reducing frequent turnover in furniture. The chair manifests the principles of circular design by using recycled materials, turning what was once discarded — like fishing nets and plastic containers from the oceans — into valuable components of a product built for the future. This durability, combined with sustainable material sourcing, showcases a visionary approach, where every product not only serves its immediate purpose but also paves the way for a sustainable and waste-free future.