Humanscale Looks to its Customers for Workplace Insights to Inform Future Wellness & Ergonomic Needs

Humanscale, the leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life, is leading a research study designed to gain new insights on their customer’s work modes since the onset of the pandemic. Whether working from home, the office, a community hub, or somewhere in between, the tools people use and how they work influence how best to approach ergonomic support and wellness needs, products, and choices.

Customer habit and preference insights gained from Humanscale’s research study will help inform future industry discussions around health, wellness, and how it all ties into ergonomics in a world changed by three years of work-from-home. Readers are invited to participate in the survey here, and insights and analysis will be shared in the year’s first of a series of Humanscale educational webinars. On Thursday, March 16, renowned ergonomist Dr. Alan Hedge will join Humanscale to share these new insights in “Ergonomics in a post-pandemic world in home, office, and third places (non-commercial spaces)”.