Humanscale Levels Up the Gaming Experience👾

New Curated Gaming Collection Features Advanced Design and Ergonomic Technology for Peak Performance

Humanscale, a leading manufacturer of ergonomic and sustainable furnishings, is proud to introduce its new gaming collection. Featuring gaming chairs, sit-to-stand desks, monitor arms, lighting, and premium accessories, the curated collection brings Humanscale’s extensive expertise in ergonomics and design to an industry where it’s often overlooked. With gamers, streamers, and live broadcasters clocking long hours sitting in front of computer screens, the offerings provide effortless and automatic adjustability for desired support, absolute control, and top-scoring gameplay. Its product portfolio optimizes wellbeing and can be customized to each gamer’s unique preferences, making it a pro gamer’s choice.

A natural extension of Humanscale’s presence in the commercial office and residential design industries, gamers and live streamers, including Gothalion, Darkness429, and Professorbroman, have been seeking out the brand’s product line for several years, building a solid foundation for this next step. These online personalities are now set up in style with products offering endurance-built comfort with easily-adjustable solutions that match their individual aesthetics.

After upgrading his setup with the Float sit-to-stand desk and the Freedom Headrest, Robert Gijsberts, Founder of Masters of Tech and gaming influencer, notes that he ‚Äúfeels like a king,‚ÄĚ even after gaming for hours on end. ‚ÄúI never thought I‚Äôd reach setup end-game. But here I am, getting pretty close! My gaming setup is now extremely comfortable AND aesthetically pleasing,‚ÄĚ he adds.

Featured Products

Humanscale’s shoppable gaming collection highlights a selection of curated products from its award-winning lines of monitor arms, sit-to-stand desks, seating, and accessories, supporting a gamer’s personalized needs for peak performance.

The Ultimate Task Chair is the Ultimate Gaming Chair

Offering endurance-built comfort with effortless adjustability, Freedom eliminates levers, dials, and other mechanisms to provide physics-driven, ergonomic support that’s as simple as it is elegant. From its refined and sculpted cushions designed to mimic the body’s natural contours and decrease pressure point loads to its pivoting backrest that moves with the spine, Freedom is the ultimate chair that provides premium comfort for long gaming sessions.

Find the Winning Angle with Monitor Arms

A game-changing, sleek, and often overlooked solution, monitor arms instantly improve any setup’s comfort, health, and productivity. Humanscale‚Äôs revolutionary monitor arm line includes mounts and integrated docks for a clutter-free play area and effortless screen adjustment. Quick Release joints offer unbeatable flexibility, while an Accessory Bracket keeps necessities close by.

Sit-to-Stand Desks for Play-to-Win Setup

Gamers who sit, stand, or both during intense sessions need desks that move with them without interrupting their flow. Humanscale’s award-winning sit-to-stand desks are incredibly steady, easily adjustable, and keep monitors fixed at eye level while accessories are still at an arm’s reach. Humanscale’s Float desk offers an effortless movement compared to traditional sit-stand products while maintaining a minimal aesthetic.

Accessories to Level Up Setups

Every second counts in gaming. Humanscale‚Äôs accessories are designed to offer gamers everything they need at their fingertips without ever needing to take their eyes off the screen. Pro Click Mouse, a cutting-edge mouse created in collaboration with Razer™, a leading lifestyle brand for gamers, fits the hand like a glove and alleviates unwanted wrist strain for all-day comfort. NeatCharge, a simple yet sophisticated wireless charger, keeps phones close without the hassle of plugging in. At the same time, NeatHub, an all-in-one desktop power solution, optimizes the playing field by tucking away wires and keyboards. Humanscale‚Äôs CPU holders provide a safe and secure storage solution for a gamer‚Äôs prized investment, offering effortless access to CPU cables, ports, and drives while providing valuable space savings.

To discover the online platform, visit #LevelUpWithHumanscale, and shop the curated gaming collection here.

About Humanscale

Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Through leveraging new technology in functional yet minimal designs, Humanscale transforms traditional offices into active, intelligent workspaces. Guided by the core philosophy that good design achieves more with less, Humanscale is committed to designing with the health of both consumers and the planet in mind. Humanscale has 26 products, which represent over 60% of sales, certified by the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge (LPC)‚ÄĒconsidered the most advanced sustainability standard for products‚ÄĒ as climate, water, and energy positive. Further commitments include using recycled materials and eliminating Red-List chemicals from their products, which are often found in coatings, finishes, and additives. As transparency is necessary to generate change within the industry, Humanscale also issues transparency labels with its products so that consumers can feel confident and informed about their purchases.

Committed to making a net positive impact on the earth as well as our customers, Humanscale offers award-winning products designed with a focus on function, simplicity, and longevity. Click here for more information on Humanscale and their products.