Humanscale Honored in Fast Company’s Brands That Matter 2023: Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Manufacturing

In an era where companies constantly vie for attention, Fast Company’s “Brands That Matter 2023” serves as the gold standard, highlighting those who genuinely resonate with authenticity, cultural relevance, and societal impact. Celebrated in this year’s list, Humanscale emerges as a leader in sustainable design and manufacturing.

Recognition in the “Brands That Matter” is no small feat; it’s a celebration of vision, perseverance, and meaningful impact. Humanscale’s honor is the result of an unwavering commitment to true sustainability in the manufacturing landscape, guided by the leadership of CEO Bob King and Chief Sustainability Officer Jane Abernethy.

King remarks, “Our goal is to pioneer new ways of operating sustainably, not just for us, but for the entire industry.” This isn’t mere rhetoric; it’s the ethos that drives Humanscale forward, making it a deserving contender for this esteemed recognition.

In 2022, the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) approved Humanscale’s pioneering emission reduction targets. The company’s dedication to minimizing energy use, with 47% of its electricity derived from renewable sources, is indicative of its leading role in combating climate change.

Taking strides like eliminating Chrome 6, PFAS, and in 2022, halogenated flame retardants, Humanscale stands out in its mission to craft products that prioritize consumer health. Their commitment to transparency, highlighted by their implementation of Declare labels across products, further underscores their position as an industry leader.

Surpassing its own ambitious targets, Humanscale achieved a 94% global waste diversion rate in 2022, epitomizing the essence of responsible manufacturing. The Path chair, composed of 52% ocean plastic, not only highlights Humanscale’s ingenuity but its deep-rooted commitment to the environment. From community projects to partnerships that champion human rights and tackle child and forced labor, Humanscale’s holistic approach to social responsibility makes it a beacon for businesses globally.

CEO Bob King’s emphasis on success being measured by actions, not promises, mirrors Humanscale’s journey. Each endeavor, as outlined in their 2022 CSR report, solidifies why they are not just a brand but a movement, a testament to what businesses can achieve with vision and determination.