Humanscale Celebrates 40-Year Anniversary

The Company Has Continuously Showcased Dedication to Enriching Environmental and Consumer Health Through Industry-Leading Sustainability and Ergonomics Practices

Humanscale, the leading manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic solutions, marks its 40th anniversary this year. From its inception in 1983, this industry titan has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, setting benchmarks in sustainable manufacturing and design. Their most notable achievement is the introduction of 26 products that are certified as climate, energy, and water positive – a monumental accomplishment unmatched in the industry. Validated by The International Living Future Institute’s rigorous LIVING PRODUCT CHALLENGE, this accolade underscores the fact that Humanscale’s operations have a planet positive impact across multiple environmental sectors.

Humanscale’s approach to transparency and consumer education is equally commendable. They pioneered the movement of providing clear ingredient labels on furniture products, emphasizing the importance of understanding the materials consumers interact with. In 2018, they accounted for a whopping 60% of all Declare labels in the entire industry, and even with the rise of competitors following their lead, they held a strong 25% in 2022. Their 2022 CSR achievements further solidify their position as industry leaders, demonstrating a renewed commitment to environmental and ethical principles in a rapidly changing world.

As Humanscale celebrates its 40th anniversary, it stands not just as a testament to past achievements but as an emblem of purpose-driven businesses. With a history rich in accomplishments, from environmental sustainability to ethical sourcing and product transparency, Humanscale is a beacon of how businesses can achieve excellence while prioritizing the planet and consumer health. As they embark on the next phase of their journey, backed by recent CSR achievements and a legacy of innovation, the future looks even more promising, continuing their commitment to sustainable practices for decades to come.