Hope’s Windows, Inc. Highlights Landmark175™ Series Steel Windows and Doors

Hope’s Landmark175 Series Window exterior

Classic steel window and doors with a narrower sightline

Hope’s Windows, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer of custom-designed, solid steel and bronze window and door systems, highlights its Landmark175™ Series Steel Windows and Doors. Fit for projects that call for a classic steel aesthetic, the Landmark175™ Series offers much profile overlap with Hope’s popular Jamestown175™ Series but with a narrower sightline. The Landmark175™ Series accommodates a variety of glass thicknesses and makeups—offering customers the same unmatched flexibility and customization Hope’s is known for.

Other product features include fully welded construction for all Hope’s frames. Whether a customers’ project calls for hot-rolled steel or bronze, Hope’s utilizes fusion welding to connect corner and intersection joints, resulting in a single, continuous frame. The Landmark175™ Series offers classic hot-rolled steel design with a range of customization options such as square or sloped glazing beads, making this line ideal for interior or exterior installation. Plus, Thermal Evolution Technology brings the Landmark175™ Series into accordance with NFRC guidance for U-value performance, solar heat gain coefficient, air infiltration, and condensation resistance

The Landmark175™ Series also features Hope’s Power of 5 finishing system—the industry’s most advanced finishing system worldwide. This comprehensive coating system was developed to provide consistency and durability beyond the finishing process. Industry-wide, finishing processes vary dramatically. Hope’s Power of 5 finishing system provides peace of mind in protecting customers’ investment, both aesthetically and functionally, for years to come.

Hope’s leads the industry in design and manufacturing experience. Hope’s has been providing happy customers with high-end custom-manufactured doors and windows for more than a hundred years. Hope’s craftsmen work with customer specifications to create beautiful, custom shapes and sizes for any application.

For more information, product illustrations, and product specifications, please visit https://hopeswindows.com/products/style/windows-and-doorslandmark175-series/.

About Hope’s Windows, Inc.

Hope’s Windows, Inc. has handcrafted the world’s finest windows and doors for over a century. Hope’s custom-designed, solid hot-rolled steel and bronze doors and windows are universally praised for their strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic value. Hope’s prides itself on a long-standing commitment to safety and certification, and the company subjects its products to more third-party testing than any other steel window and door manufacturer. Inherent material strength, along with Hope’s meticulous manufacturing processes, finishing techniques and extensive testing, result in windows and doors that last in even the most extreme environments – sustaining their beauty and performance for generations. Visit HopesWindows.com.