HON Introduces SoCo: Modular Seating for the Evolved Workplace

According to JLL’s Workplace Preferences Barometer, a demand for increased flexibility is seeing more employees log into work from cafés, hotel lounges, and coworking spaces. That being said, leading furniture innovator HON is proud to unveil their latest launch, SoCo, a forward-thinking modular lounge series created to meet evolving workplace needs.

SoCo isn’t just furniture; it’s a destination for productivity. Its soft, rounded shapes seamlessly converge to create spaces for both collaborative teamwork and tranquil individual work, offering seven distinct shapes that invite limitless design possibilities and effortless reconfigurations.

“We envisioned SoCo as a solution to the challenges of traditional lounge seating arrangements,” says Designer Justin Champaign. “Modern workers seek comfort, style, and versatility, and SoCo exceeds those expectations.”

With features like dual-purpose glides and modular designs, SoCo revolutionizes space planning, ensuring ease and flexibility in ever-changing environments. Integrated power outlets eliminate accessibility issues, while the bolster back supports a variety of sitting postures for maximum comfort. From cafe spaces to reception areas, it brings a warm welcome to collective spaces, inspiring harmonious connections and fostering focused work environments.